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baby looked around the small kitchen in astonishment. the tiny area has never been this clean. normally takeout boxes would liter the table and discarded dishes would be haphazardly placed on the sink.

*古き良き時代*懐かしくもあたたかい昭和テイストあふれる住まいの風景集。 - NAVER まとめ

*古き良き時代*懐かしくもあたたかい昭和テイストあふれる住まいの風景集。 - NAVER まとめ

^ This is what my brain looks like sometimes...

A Beautiful mess. A background of a cluttered desk. For my book cover I could illustrate or photograph a cluttered desk of crime documents and files to do with the Clutter family

no styling, just a natural moment caught.  Julian Germain's photo of Charlie in the kitchen Photograph: Julian Germain

Julian Germain's best photograph: Charlie in his kitchen stirring the gravy