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Pineapple bike :) by gipukan (rob gipman), via Flickr Uganda

Uganda has the best pineapple in the world! Pineapple bike: A man carries pineapples on his bicycle to offload at the market, Kampala, Uganda. (Photography by rob gipman)

Da się ? Rower

The 8 Secrets of Dutch Kids, the Happiest Kids in the World - Thought provoking. and if I lived in town and had paved roads to ride on, I'd want that bike!---I say- the secret to great legs after 3 kids! that's an inspiring mom to 3 girls!

Coffee cycle cart

Coffee bikes for sale! Icicle Tricycles hand builds coffee trikes for vending, marketing, and coffee product distribution solutions.

batavus damecykel

batavus damecykel

Old baker's bike - How cool would this be to grocery shop with??

WorkCycles Classic Dutch "Bakfiets" (size M) Purchase Information

Bike Stuff, Bicycle

職人の技 Japanese Demae (de.livery service) Many small resturants offer this service. Today mopeds are used.

Old photo of man delivering soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles). This can occasionally still be seen in some parts of Tokyo.

Talk about trust! ☺

a couple kisses on a bike - 19 kisses captured at the perfect moment

Hans Kemp Bikes of burden, motos et scooters au Vietnam

Overloaded Urban Bikes Photoseries: Hans Kemp Captures the Urban Life in Vietnam

Styrtkraven bliver testet | Videnskabsmagasinet | DR3

Styrtkraven bliver testet | Videnskabsmagasinet | DR3


What an amazingly docile cow. No comment on the driver, who seems to have a death wish!