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clever pistachio packaging design -- one side holds pistachios, the other side is left empty for the shells

Design diferenciado de embalagem, e que também tem um toque especial de funcionalidade!  By Bucki

Gautier's Winter Nuts Gift Package

This holiday season, Gauthier is giving all its clients a delicious package of winter nuts. "Created to look like a tree and be used like a cone, it’s our way of saying thanks and showing… We’re simply nuts about our clients.

Filirea gi - Packaging design for limited production homemade wine. The illustration depicts the process of creating wine from the harvest to the bottling. Printed with silk-screen printing method on paper that is wrapped around the bottle to convey the sense of handmade.

Filirea gi

Filirea gi packaging by Christos Zafeiriadis- Packaging design for limited production homemade wine

Milk - "Klara I pushed you on the playground because I like you"   Childhood confesion No 62

Milla Confession- Childhood mischiefs are usually cute, and almost always forgivable. This interesting concept of connecting childhood confessions and Milk is clever, cute and lets face it, you know you want to read more.

Inspirational Packaging for Web Designers

Love the idea of little compartments at the top of the box - Spices Packaging - SPICE PACKAGING*-yes please

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Earthy Dessert Branding - Willow & Sage Organic Gelato Packaging Expresses its Natural Quality (GALLERY)