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Norse god Odin was the main Viking god. He is also called All-Father since he is the father of all the gods and actually goes by some 36 different names.

Every single famous person throughout history was young once. Well, these photos of famous and infamous people when they were young will give you some insight.

CULTURA ESCANDINAVA: Berserkir y Úlfhednar: los guerreros de Odín

"Odhin" by Johannes Gehrts. The Norse god Odin sits enthroned, flanked by his ravens Huginn and Munnin, and the wolves Geri and Freki.

Bearded Vikings

Top 10 Bearded Viking Wisdom Sayings

Ancient viking head in a ring with scandinavian ornament logo for mascot design. The ax , a sword , a spear

Nordic pride

the blood of Vikings. I'm all for being proud of your family history, but too many Aryan nutbars are using Viking heritage to expound their racist hate propaganda. That makes me ashamed and pissed.

tekst o inkwiycji

I don't believe in the Norse Gods, but I like with this quote because today's church is full of back biting and bullying.



beautiful Meus medieval viking drakkar viking boat medieval and ...

Dragon heads on the bow of the viking ships were supposed to protect against the evil spirits of the sea. Whatever, it's art.