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Kids Artists: A journey through space

You need: white drawing paper size crayons black paint brush toothpick coloured construction paper As part of a school projec.

You can make a slightly smaller and 'less' artistic version of this with small kids, using: white paper sheet A4 size, two potatoes (middle and small size), knife, saucer, paint, piece of corrugated box cardboard.

Kids Artists: Printed birds I did this one with Julia's third grade class.

Tapa projecte l'espai

Kids Artists: Astronaut in space. could pair with foreshortening lesson to make astronauts.

Apex Elementary Art: November 2011

Give them the template and have the kids do concentric circle design with crayons

Tekenen en zo

Made by a student of 11 years old You need: white drawing sheet size strong brewed tea wide, flat brush colour pencils candle Drawing a.

Kids Artists: autumn leaves project-3rd grade

You need: white drawing sheet size oil pastels brown tempera liquid soap brushes Step 1 Ask students to bring autumn leaves.

Kids Artists: Colourful chicken- using oil pastels and diluted tempera paint for background

Made by Danjel, 12 years old You need: drawing paper size oil pastel tempera brushes coloured paper for background Children draw a hori.

Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely

Insect Symmetry Lesson Plan

Explore symmetry in nature. Investigate the insect world, then create colorful butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, and other symmetrical creatures.