Team 7 in the future #naruto

Team 7 in the future. It would´ve been better with saskue in the background.

Not only is Hinata beautiful, talented, and perfectly matched for Naruto, but on top of all that she's a Capricorn.......How much better can she!!!

Hinata character info - Naruto if her birthday was ten days before we would have the same birthday

Image result for Team 7

Image result for Team 7

A picture with Sai with the team. I feel like people always forgets him.

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the last word Narusaku part 2 | by MariaKlepikova

THANK YOU SASUKE! The founder of uselessness is dead, I repeat, the founder of uselessness is dead!

Hinata is more responsible xD

Just thought of sharing this funny comic featuring Hinata, Sakura and Naruto. Credits to whoever made this cute artwork.

Naruto teams

If you could build your own trio team from any characters in the series, who would you pick? I'm sure everyone would pick Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke but I choose Shikamaru, Neji and Gaara. And sometimes i feel like naruto