Dancers are the athletes of God.

This photograph has a wonderfully strange type of movement. A lot of images of dancers seem still and posed, and they lack any movement at all. but in this image, I can see her movement come to life. in this, I see it in reverse.

Stephanie Williams

Breathtaking Portrait Of Ballet Dancer Practicing On The Streets Of New York…

“Olga Kuraeva @kuraevaolga”

Ballerina Olga Kuraeva Expresses Raw Emotions through Portraits of Delicate Dance Movements

Even the best dancers, start out like this

dear future daughter, you will subjected to having this photo taken when you start dancing! sorry in advance, but your mom is a dance teacher, she wants this picture!

I post here nice pictures I find on the net, I don't own most of them. If you want me to remove a pic, juts let me know.

Isabella Boylston Principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre. Dress by Trash-Couture. Hair and makeup by by isabellaboylston

Ballerina Check out my Ballet Feet Stretchers! or

Inspiration Palettes [the ballerina]


darcey bussell vertical split, dancers could benefit from our underwear to save having an awkward moment.

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Love this ballet look—long lean muscles. NO bulky muscles! This is why I do barre for a dancers body!