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Visiting Grandpa Presley in a Memphis hospital in 1979

Priscilla and Lisa Visiting Grandpa Presley in a Memphis hospital in 1979

On August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley died at Graceland. "That was way too soon," his widow (pictured at the funeral with Lisa-Marie) has said. "One phone call changes everything". The one sure thing is "I will always love Him".

{*On August Elvis Presley died at Graceland :( Saddest Day ov my life pictured here is Priscilla holding Lisa's hand at her dads funeral on the August :( Lisa has said One phone call changed Everything*}

Sam Thompson, his wife, and Elvis and Linda Thompson with Lisa Marie, Las Vegas Hilton 1975

Sam Thompson, his wife, Elvis and Sam's sister Linda Thompson with Lisa Marie in August He worked for Elvis until his death in

Vernon presley with Linda Thompson and little Lisa.

Vernon presley with Linda Thompson and little Lisa.

Elvis' High School days - a sign of things to come

Photo Memories of Elvis Aaron Presley (January 1935 - August - Online Memorial Website

When the divorce was finalized, close friends and family said Elvis and Priscilla were closer than ever, and their love for one another seemed more meaningful. Lisa didn't know until years after Elvis' death. The only thing she noticed was that her dad called and came over more often.

1973 10 09 Elvis was in Los Angeles where the divorce was finalized at the County Superior Courthouse in Santa Monica

Elvis Presley

Priscilla in plaid! Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley. This picture was taken, when Elvis was leaving Germany(Army). Priscilla is 14 yrs old here.

Gladys crying when elvis left for the army

{Elvis mum Gladys in tears as she sees her son Elvis of to go to Germany for into the Army :( not long after she would pass away :( RIP Gladys}they are all together now RIP at Graceland