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Once again, Masky and Hoody did not come from Creepy Pasta, they came from Marble Hornets! Watch it sometime! -.-

All I can think about when I see this is songs that talk about "painting the town" :) Fan Masky Hoody (<<*Hoodie) by Ashiva-K-I on deviantART

Marble Hornets Poster by Delusionumber4.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Poster entry for a Marble Hornets contest. I'm rather proud of this one, usually I'm not the greatest at digital art : ) Marble Hornets Poster

This is pretty cool. Go Zalgo! You destroy those worlds and corrupt those innocents! <3  <<<< Bruh. BRUH. o_o

Go Zalgo! You destroy those worlds and corrupt those innocents

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По ту сторону зеркала (Creepypasta,Slenderverse)

По ту сторону зеркала (Creepypasta,Slenderverse)

and i think i'm dying! how are you?" patrick is such a cool character

and i think i'm dying!" patrick is such a cool character&nbsp;

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