Painted silk sack back, robe a la francaise, c 1770s

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Robe a la francaise, 1750-75 From the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dress Date: Culture: British Medium: silk Dimensions: Length at CB (a): 58 in. cm) Length at CB (b): 39 in. cm) Credit Line: Gift of Joan F. Wilson in memory of Isabel Marindin Ferguson, 1980 Accession Number: b

18th century Chinz jackets. (Mostly Dutch). no source info

Identifier Creation date Spatial keyword India, Nederland Size or duration Algemeen: Object Type dress Local type jak Rights statement MOMU

Mantua, 1740-1745

Mantua, Embroidered silk with colored silk & silver thread. Court dress was an exclusive & ornate style of clothing worn by the aristocracy who attended Court. The style is based on the mantua.

Mantua ca 1745, Venice | Fashion Museum Ludwingsburg | Modemuseum im Schloss Ludwigsburg

German, Court dress, middle of the century, from the Fashion Museum in Schloss Ludwigsburg

Court dress with Rococo motif.  1740's - Victoria and Albert Museum

Mantua 'Court dress' was an exclusive and very ornate style of clothing worn by the aristocracy, the only people usually invited to attend at Court. The style of the robe is quite old-fashioned, and based on the mantua.

Caraco and skirt, 1770's, French?

This is a matching pink caraco jacket and petticoat from the This outfit has less decoration and the jacket is based off of an English man's riding dress. Eschelles still adorn the front in a similar color of pink.