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DIY Skull Mask from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it's a bit involved, but the results would be spectacular!

How to Make the Skull Mask From Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I looked at the website and you can melt it down again and reuse it for other projects if you need to!

It's a Cosplayer's dream in reality. I'm thinking foam armor covered in this to un-foam-ify it.

The Majora's Mask

The Majora's Mask

Funny pictures about Epic Majora's Mask. Oh, and cool pics about Epic Majora's Mask. Also, Epic Majora's Mask photos.

kunai (ninja's weapon)

I& made a new Kunai tutorial, the diagrams are in pictures, so it will be more easier! Please visit: [Link] ------- Hello everyone! I& made a new version of: Origami tutorial: K.

Link actually looks pretty darn gosh good in this

I'm so busy doing, err. well, all sorts of fabulous villain stuff! ~ Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Humor

Bremen Mask by ~Arizzel on deviantART

"You got the Bremen Mask! This mask belonged to the leader of the animal troupe." The Bremen Mask from Legen.

Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Cookie Cutter - wow I need this

Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask Cookie Cutter

PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU FAV! Let me know if you use this and if so send me a link so I can see what you've done! CHEERS!

use as a model the kunimitsu mask instead? smooth out with a better plaster though. something smoother. Papermache ANBU Mask Tutorial by AgentShoemaker

Marceline's axe bass - WIP and HOW TO by Semashke.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This was a project which didn't end so good. I finished the base of guitar and tried to transport it back to my home country before the con and guess wh. Marceline's axe bass - WIP and HOW TO

Crow Skull Mask like the skull/mask from 9.:

DIY Crow Skull Mask using cardboard , duct tape, foam, wire, and paper mache. Wanna make a wolf mask this way.

Sheikah Slate Replica by ARAMproductions on Etsy

Sheikah Slate Replica

Sheikah Slate Replica by ARAMproductions on Etsy

Grell Teeth Tutorial by Foamcore-Ninja on DeviantArt

Found on

Grell Teeth Tutorial by ~Foamcore-Ninja on deviantART: Words cannot express how much I love this person. Perfect for Laughing Jack. Laughing jack was pretty awesome to. Think this would be awesome for homestuck trolls to!

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Marowak Skull Mask Tutorial- Worbla Scraps by TerminaCosplay; Awesome tutorial for working with Worbla and Friendly Plastic in general - detailed instructions (Diy Paper Mask)