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Trammel of Archimedes - 3D Print

John on instructables Designed a printed version of the Trammel of Archimedes

Miguel Ángel de Frutos

Here’s a cool printed robotics project shared with us by Miguel Ángel de Frutos Carro: Shows the manufacturing and operation via bluetooth of a mini caterpillar dozer based in t…

MagicBox Cabinet Smooths Off Your 3D Prints With Ease

SKY-TECH Co. is raising funds for MagicBox - Magically finish your prints! on Kickstarter! MagicBox: Mass finishing for ABS and PLA prints on your desktop. The best companion for your printer. By SKY-TECH.


UC Berkeley engineers created printed electrical components: resistor, inductor, capacitor and an integrated inductor-capacitor system. Penny is for scale.

I love everything about Shoes. This is a lovely model.

100 Top CES 2014 Innovations - These are the Top Items Launched at This Year's 2014 CES. The Affordable printers otherwise known as RoBo was released at CES

Compose a Tune and 3D-Print It Into a Music Box with Music Drop

The new service Music Drop lets you compose a little tune and have it immortalized in the form of a music box.

Create Your Own Robot! We've seen 3D printing produce everything from Yoda to chocolate. This European artist uses a 3D printer to create an incredibly lifelike robot.

print your own robot. The video is a little ropey, but the idea is sound. Open Source technology here to share plans for printable products/projects.

3d model of the tank Kronprinz. The model is ready for 3D printing. The turret rotates.

model of the tank Kronprinz. The turret rotates.

3ders.org - Kirby Downey 3D prints fantastic fully mechanical rubber band gun | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Design of the Week: Printed Rubber Band Gatling Gun

This post from Bit Rebels asks: Will 4D printing ever become as creative and versatile as 3D printing? Once you understand the process of 4D printing, its potential is clear. But is the world ready to take it on?

4D Printing: Objects Can Now Make Themselves

Printing: Cube Self-Folding Strand. In a collaboration between Stratasys’ Education, R&D departments and MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, a new p.