1920's (?) Vanity Table

Woman at Vanity Table

1920's+Vanity-.jpg (500×606)

1920's+Vanity-.jpg (500×606)

Children Of The Ritz (1929)  LOOK AT THAT VANITY!!!

This very prominent, very round, oversized vanity mirror makes a very powerful interior design statement, ca.

Rita Hayworth

Vanity dressing table, old Hollywood glamour Rita Hayworth ~ At her vanity

Everyday Starlet: Ready For Your Close-up: Starlet Makeup Tips

Jean Harlow Old Hollywood Glam Platinum Blonde

Love Your Place: Vintage Vanities & Old Hollywood Glamour

Love Your Place: Vintage Vanities & Old Hollywood Glamour/ Kay Francis

Carole Lombard

Create a space of your very own to pamper yourself in your home. A beautiful dressing table brings back that old Hollywood glamor and is the foundation of a Seductive Boudoir™ - (Carole Lombard at her dressing table)

Claudette Colbert applies makeup at her dressing table.

Claudette Colbert applies makeup at her dressing table. repost by Michele Calhoun





LÁMINAS VINTAGE,ANTIGUAS,RETRO Y POR EL ESTILO.... (pág. 18) | Aprender manualidades es facilisimo.com

Needy ppl scare me.

1920's Showgirls

the Pearl Twins dancer

Vilma Banky

Vilma Banky

adelphe:  Lillian Gish photographed by James Abbe for Broken Blossoms, 1920

Lillian Gish, photo by James Abbe, 1922

Eye For Design: Decorating With Vanity Tables Jean Harlow at her all white vanity. Love how the glass top sets up on legs.

Decorating With Vanity Tables

Dressing Table: Jean Harlow (March 1911 – June was an American film actress and sex symbol of the