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Goodbye by Kirame90 on DeviantArt

Goodbye by on DeviantArt

"Blood in the Water" plot twist.

But yes, I will love some Medic and Sniper heart to heart interaction in the next comic update. Blood in the

Tf2-LongLost Chell Sniper sketches by MadJesters1 on DeviantArt

Warm up drawings that I've drawn on random days to practice. :] I've grown use to drawing Sniper and Chell together. From my fan comic "LongLost" madjes.

Scout's mom: *doesn't listen* Spy:  Scout:  

Sniper and Medic in the last panel 😂

Sweet Dreams by MarioandLuigiFanatic on DeviantArt

Sweet Dreams by MarioandLuigiFanatic on DeviantArt

Defect by dakr0819 on deviantART (so touching T3T)

Defect by on deviantART (so touching I just realized I saved this in my SniperSpy like wth