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Tom Haugomat

Tom Haugomat - Handsome Frank Illustration Agency DESCRIPTION: Fun illustration of Paris. The illustration is very elegant.

Flying Retro Cars, les véhicules rétro-futuristes d’Alejandro Burdisio

BURDA - Alejandro Burdisio ilustraciones added 145 new photos to the album: Escenarios.

Cruchiform, un studio français fondé par Marie-laure Cruschi, a créé les 60 illustrations de cabanes d’architectes qui ouvrent les chapitres d’un livre de Philip Jodidio chez Taschen qui présente le meilleur des cabanes du monde.

Les cabanes de Cruschiform


scottwatanabe: “Some concept art for Hiro’s Neighborhood. I was really inspired by the Haight Ashbury District and some older Showa period Neighborhoods. Shout out to Helen Chen for some of these.

Jonas De Ro

20 Emotionally Impacting Illustrations by Jonas De Ro

RJ Gemmell‘s somber illustrations seem perfect for late December, where grey days abound and the days are still short while the nights are long.

RJ Gemmell

cool idea for an iphone wallpaper champagne iPhone wallpaper by Rich Gemmell Leopard iPhone Wallpaper iphone wallpaper