Bailey Chase on Longmire....mmmm.

I need a Bailey Chase fix (from Longmire) and maybe I need to start writing a story with a deputy hero.

I wasn't going to add Bailey Chase to my "Men on Film" category, but the last two episodes of Longmire changed my mind.  I hope he gets much good attention from this show :)

Bailey Chase - Now on Longmire. Co star Katee Sackhoff says he's got more than a 6 pack of abs.

Bailey Chase and Cassidy Freeman in Longmire (2012)

Cassidy Freeman as Cady Longmire (Walt's daughter) & Bailey Chase as Branch Connally

LONGMIRE - Branch Connally (Bailey Chase)

LONGMIRE - Branch Connally (Bailey Chase) As Joe Camps in Book 2 of Joyful Noise Mysteries, Joe mixes it up at a Bandera rodeo.

Branch Connally Pictures - Longmire -

Bailey Chase as Branch Connally - Branch Connally Pictures - Longmire .

Longmire's Bailey Chase Talks Playing the Bad Cop | Warner Bros ...

Exclusive Interview: LONGMIRE star Bailey Chase chats about the new hit western series


What is it about a man in a cowboy hat? Bailey Chase from Longmire