His loss entirely. And HE has to live with it.

Always stay true to who you are no matter what. Don’t let a hard lesson harden your heart. The world needs all the love, kindness, and compassion you have to offer. Trust that your loyalty and devotion will be reciprocated one day by t

Excerpt from a book ill never write

It used to be a constant dull ache, and now it's a sharp stabbing pain I get every once in a while.

So much this!!! ♥

Some thought she slipped into madness for the way she changed. She thought it was madness to live the life she once did.

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Yes baby, I know you hurt . I can only build a life of happiness with you from this point forward .

Single ladies, never give up. Stay true to your morals, your values, and to who you really are. The right one will come along

a guarded heart

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