Watering can fountain.  This is so cute!  I can't decide if I should pin it in my garden board or here.....you may see it again!

Watering Can Waterfall Fountain. Just need an outdoor pump, some tubing, and watering cans. this is the basic idea of filtering water through drums to save

Vous voulez une décoration originale dans votre jardin tout en restant écolo! C’est simple! Dans cet article, on vous propose de transformer

Transformer un tronc d'arbre en fontaine

Tinkling the Ivories - piano fountain...

cascading waterfall fountain---what an amazing use for an old piano! i see so many old piano's on craigslist that are beyond repair! can't wait til i have a yard.i am def doing this! Music to my ears.

- We can make our own garden fountains instead of using the church funds to buy it.

How to Make a Garden Fountain Out Of, Well, Anything You Want

DIY:: This is a FABULOUS TUTORIAL ! How to Make A Garden Fountain Out Of Anything ! Simple Step by Step Instructions ! by Cultivated Nest (wonder if I could use these instructions to figure out how to make Laura Crockett's pebble-filled water columns)

Bucket Pump Water Fountain

Bucket Pump Water Fountain

How to make a {Tipsy Solar Fountain} for your garden!

Marie's Tipsy Solar Fountain

Marie's Tipsy Solar Fountain How to make a tipsy garden fountain from galvanized tubs, containers and a solar fountain pump! Another of Marie’s Flea Market Gardening projects…from ‘morning post’ to full tutorial I LOVE IT AMEN !

Blue Planters Waterfall  - CountryLiving.com

15 Backyard Fountains You Can Make Yourself

Container Water Garden with Fountains

Create Your Own Container Water Garden

container water gardens, outdoor living, patio, ponds water features, A simple fountain but be forewarned your dog will probably enjoy getting a drink here

Water wall fountain

For a kids water play wall? What a charming way to fill a blank wall in the garden! Could rely on the gutter for occasional water sound, or pipe it for continuous water flow.