Doodlebug Design Inc Blog: Chevrons...Use a Little or A Lot Layout Inspiration

My Happy Place: Doodlebug Designs: Chevron Sugar Coated Cardstock Done for Doodlebug DT

Lisa homeschools four kids, runs a blog, and works from home as a general transcriptionist. What's your excuse?

Think making money without a college degree is impossible?

It's totally possible to make money as a part-time transcriptionist WITHOUT a college degree. See how Lisa does it while homeschooling four kids!

At the beginning of a decluttering journey, it can feel overwhelming to see how much stuff you have to go through, declutter, and possibly get rid of. One way to make the process easier and build up some small wins for yourself is to start by decluttering things that you won't even notice. Here are 17 things you can declutter without missing.

17 Things You Can Declutter Without Missing

Hallo there. We have had a hectic few weeks. We are half way through Leadership Training at the Mission and in two weeks I am leaving for .