plans for DIY Mortising jig to use with a router

Before you begin even the simplest of woodworking projects, you’ll need some basic tools.

Pantorouter designed and built by Matthias Wandel. His machines are certainly built with curious workmanship!

This is a "Pantorouter" which is used to produce quick and accurate woodworking joints. It is similar to several commercially available tools, including the Wirth Machine from Woodworker's Supply and the JDS Multi-Router

Slot mortising machine - YouTube

Videos about woodworking, taking more of an engineering perspective on things. This channels started out as a place to have videos to go with the articles on.

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Thinking about having two removable tops for the router table I'm building. One will be the traditional router table top, and the other will be this beauty.

Multi use tool- Router planer, panel saw, What else? - by RockyBlue @ ~ woodworking community

Multi use tool- Router planer, panel saw, What else? - by RockyBlue…

View complete plans for 10 great DIY wood projects, like how to make an Adirondack chair and love seat or a painting bench.

The Top 10 DIY Wood Projects — The

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Four Good Ways to Build Drawers

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