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Un peu d'orientale...

Un peu d'orientale...


I wish I knew what this said. This looks like the situation in our bed on a regular basis.


"Small visitor," by Elizabeth Price -- First saw this image labled "Between Books," which I loved.I sort of feel that way "between books" myself!

" I couldn’t resist this star ornament I came across on Pinterest. I LOVE recycled paper art, and anything made from old book pages just makes my heart skip a little beat. Yum! No tutorials here so I’m stuck staring at the picture in admiration."

Book Origami Ornament This beautiful origami ball is hand folded from 30 pages of an old book. This traditional Japanese kusudama (modular origami ball) consists of 30 individual pieces of paper

In today’s card-swiping culture it’s easy to lose track of where your hard-earned money is going! Believe me, I know! Budgeting and keeping track of money are NOT my strong suits! (I did recently start a deals page to help!) You have probably heard of the envelope budgeting system. It was made famous most recently …

Envelope Budgeting . . . A Simple Way To Gain Control of Your Money

Am starting this system today except just having one envelope for groceries and entertainment. Keep track of where your hard-earned money is going with a simple envelope budgeting system.

birdcage inverted

If I were a bird enthusiast, this would be an awesome bird cage chandelier. I was thinking more along the lines of a hanging upsidedown bird cage (w/no birds, of course) with a few added lights & some dangling crystals & whoolah!