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Jaguar resting in the Brazilian Pantanal.

Jaguar resting in the Brazilian Pantanal.



jaguars - Google Search

Jaguars rest during the day because they are nocturnal hunters, so your best chance to see them is by staying up.

#Big_Cats Enjoy a #Snow Day at the #San_Diego #Zoo http://ibeebz.com

Big Cats Enjoy a Snow Day at the San Diego Zoo

Big Cats Enjoy a Snow Day at the San Diego Zoo - Cheezburger

FAMILY TREE - JAGUARS by Lee Kromschroeder

Family Tree-Jaguars Art Print by Lee Kromschroeder

Angry Jaguar

Eyes of a Jaguar and look at those big paws.

Home - LED Canvas || Cheetah (40x60cm)

Home - LED Canvas || Cheetah (40x60cm)


motivationsforlife: “Jaguar by Anne-Marie Kalus // Edited by MFL”

"Indomitable" Jaguars May Have Lessons in Survival for Us --   Jaguar corridors in Central and South America are helping "the sumo wrestler of the animal kingdom" survive.

Female Jaguar and her offspring in Colombia is curiously researching a remote camera. Interesting NG interview with Jaguar specialist Alan Rabinowitz about this remarkable, untamable, big cat.

Resultado de imagem para tick exotica aesthetic

A Javanese Leopard(Panthera pardus melas) photographed by Radu Frentiu

Jaguar (Panthera onca)

Jaguar (Panthera onca)

Leopard warning.. Artwork

An angry leopard by Mohamed Hakem