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ohhmyyy i want this..ill buy it

Inside The Maze Runner: The Guide To The Glade. And doesn't have nearly enough pictures of minho.

their physical and mental states just to cling to another day. Throughout their exhaustion, however, the Gladers awake every day filled with the hopes of finally being rid of their prison and telling themselves to push forward. With this mentality, the Gladers are able to endure countless trials and eventually discover a dangerous, yet possible way out of their haunting enclosure.

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I have a certain friend that would LOVE to see this with me..

Whoever did this I shame you! That is not the poster for maze runner! Does that even look like a maze? No it's called scorch trials! Get it right or else I will forever shame you!

Listen up Greenies, Dylan O'Brien & co are headed back to the big screen.

We're Getting A 'Maze Runner' Sequel In 2015

And who broke that rule on page 250???

And who broke that rule on page 250???

The Maze Runner Cast

The Maze Runner Cast. My Dylan, my Thomas, my Ki Hong, my Kaya and my Rosa. I love them.

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I got: Minho! Which Maze Runner Character Are You? I was expecting someone else but Minho works.