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BLACK BUTLERS - The Butler, The Maid (pt. 3.5) by galateabellator ...

BLACK BUTLERS - The Butler, The Maid (pt. 3.5) by galateabellator ...


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Black Butler- No Claude~! You May Not Eat Me Nor Get/Eat My Soul~! Sebastian Can Have My Soul Or Hannah But Not You~! You Killed Poor Alois That's Why~!

Kuroshitsuji II 8 episode + a little photoshop Nyaa ^^ Kuroshitsuji: Claude Faustus

Black Butler logic omg

Too much demongasming has a bad influence on Ciel’s ego. XD So, apparently the main plot of the second season is: everybody wants Ciel. I wonder if there is anyone who doesn’t *want* Ciel. (Ok, apa.

Sebastian X Ciel Lemon | SEBASTIANXCIEL

Ciel x Sebastian - Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler ( Note: this is actually a hentai manga cover and no, I don't read hentai nor do I watch it but I have my ways of knowing things.

Resultado de imagen para claude faustus wallpaper

You stood there, taking in the desolation of your surroundings. The bitter cold nipped a.