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Gipsy Quilt

Gipsy Quilt

mouse (for carly) ~ small and solid (solidly bigger than the other breed)

I don't particularly like the white with RED eyes, but this adorable white baby with BLACK eyes is the cutest!


Personally I think a book rat is a lot cuter than a book worm any day !

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Rat - lovely image

Pour Ted, Barney, Pepsi et Coca, mes 4 remonte-morale

Tate's Triok (Dactylopsila tatei) - Also known as the Fergusson Island Striped Possum - This extremely rare species is only found on Fergusson Island, eastern Papua New Guinea. It is known only from mountain rainforests in the west of the island. Listed as Endangered by the IUCN. - © Pavel German / Wildlife Images

The Fergusson Island Striped Possum ( Dactylopsila tatei ) is found on only one of the D'Entrecasteaux Islands (Fergusson Island), Papua New Guinea.

Shine brightly today!!!!

Shine brightly today!!!!

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