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Fifty Shades of Color - Harvest Moon - Fall - Autumn, so ready for my favorite season :-)

Moon Shine On The Water

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I get up in the middle of the night and go outside. Everyone at camp was outside. They were whispering and sounded confused. Why does the sky look like this? I found my friends and asked them what's going on. (Camp Half Blood Rp. My name is Kaitlyn and I'm 17)

A beautiful Full Blue Moon a the colors of the Aurorae are reflected by the Moon.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Snowy moon                                                                                                                                                      Mais

It's always the moon that shines truth upon my skin and in my heart. For all show their truth to me under it's light. I am the moon. It holds me close.

Miauu!...¿"Podrías ayudarme a atrapar la luna"?...

Rare Blue Moon + Full Moon + Black Cat on Barren Tree + Fall + Halloween