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Bill Murray being cool images. Photos of Bill Murray.

i can't imagine life without bill murray...he was the original funny guy to me my whole life.

i can't imagine life without bill murray.he was the original funny guy to me…

The Brutality Report - The Career of Sofia Coppola | VICE | United ...

The Brutality Report - The Career of Sofia Coppola

Lost in Translation // Bill Murray, Sofia Coppola // "It's sometimes said of an actor that we can't see him acting. I can't even see him not acting. He seems to be existing, merely existing, in the situation created for him by Sofia.

Old man + camera + red bicycle kconroy

Bill Cunningham, the iconic NYC street fashion photographer. He captures style for the NY Times - all from his bicycle. Wonderful documentary: "Bill Cunningham New York"

Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart

1954 --- Actress Grace Kelly and actor James Stewart on the set of "Rear Window".one of my most favorite movies.

bike, hollywood rides a bike,

Audrey Hepburn by Sid Avery, On her Bike with Her Famous Dog at Paramount Studios, 1957 - love the Yorkie in the basekt!

Could anything be cuter than a well-dressed Ewan McGregor biking with an adorable little poodle in his basket? We think not.

Celebs who are best known for their characters, size and badass roles in movies, when comes to pets, they always loved tiny dogs. Here is a list of celebs who love small dogs.

bill murray

Bill Murray steals a bike. Tags: Bill Murray Rushmore still photographer: Van Redin bicycle bicycle thief

Hayley Mills rides a bike. (she acts in disney movies like pollyanna and the parent trap)

Here is an interesting collection vintage photos of famous people on bicycles Hayley Mills, 1965 Elliott Gould and James Caan,

The young ones ... John Candy and Bill Murray performing at Second City in 1973

Comedy in Chicago

John Candy and Bill Murray, Second City, 1973 (Chicago Mainstage). I can just about deal with John Candy wearing Bieber's old haircut, but the brain can't process a young Bill Murray.

Eartha Kitt looks totally hip in her high waisted jean shorts and white button up - a look that is worn by many women to this day!

Singer Eartha Kitt rides her bike in New York City, July (Photo by Gordon Parks for Life Magazine) Related Nibs posts- Retro Plaid Bike Bag Walk/Ride Days