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SAGA Starter 4 Point Warband - Strathclyde Welsh

Contains Mounted Warlord, 4 Mounted Teulu (Hearthguards), 4 Mounted Teulu.

Wargaming Terrain, Paint Supplies, Board Games, Dioramas, Dollhouses, Tabletop, Rpg, Scenery, Buildings

movealongnownothingtoseehere: Saga

movealongnownothingtoseehere: Saga

A decent round up of different sources of terrain for your SAGA game.

This article isn't going to be a tutorial on making terrain.

Impassible terrain by dlshadowwolf on deviantART

Impassible terrain by dlshadowwolf on deviantART, diorama, mini model

savagefluff:  fang11803:  primus-pilus:  http://the-8-elements.deviantart.com/art/Common-Sword-Types-290730689  And this whole time i’d been picturing a longsword whenever I read broadsword.  all the refrences.

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