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I thought I was a crazy MAMA Bear, but Nana Bear is a whole 'nother level!!!

I thought I was a crazy MAMA Bear, but Momoo Memaw Bear is a whole 'nother level!


well grandma does love and protect her grandbabies.

Well, I'm "Sissy".. just a different name for Grandma.. and so very true. Anything they want or need, just come see your Sissy. <3 :-)

I can be a Fairy Grandmother!

The best kind of exercise

Grandma Exercise -- Kiss and squeeze.



Being a grandparent ...

Being a grandparent .

❥❥❥Never underestimate the power of Grandmas!❤️

I ❤ my grandma so much! Grandma, I love u!

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grandkids- nobody will spank Grandma!

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Keep clam and basically run!


Awwwww how cute! "I'm gonna appeal thi case all the way to Grandma" lool

I love hugs!! ❤️                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Love my sweet grand babies.


10 Feel-Good Quotes About Being a Grandparent - Grandparents.

In two weeks I am going to be a grandmother for the first time:) C'mon Lillian Belle! This quote is perfect!

anxiously awaiting the arrival of Madilyn Rose : )

Thank You All For Just Being Here For Me! Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Thank you all for just being here for me! family friendship quote friend family quote friend quote thank you

Spent the night next to my grandfather in the ICU this week...... he's there for me when I am weak and I am there for him when he is weak

I miss my papa every day. I'm so grateful Aiden has such awesome grandparents.