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donkey ears by Sharon Montrose of Animal Print Shop Elephants crochet hats, dachshunds, sweet .this makes me smile :) Bla.

Harlow the weimaraner & his new pal Indi the weiner dog. Cutest thing everrrr.

Harlow the weimaraner his new pal Indi the weiner dog. I love the name Harlow for a Weimaraner! They are so cute, and Harlow just makes it even cuter!

Husky and husky "puppy" (aka dog fur!!). So weird

Not a Husky Puppy. Not a Husky Toy Either. Think Much, Much Weirder…




Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats?

WIENER DOG RACES The Annual Buda Wiener Dog Races take place this coming weekend. I don’t advocate dog racing but this sounds like it’s just for fun, so may the best dachshund win!

Ces chiens ont peur d'aller chez le vétérinaire, alors qu'ils vont au parc pour se promener.C'est bizarre,   d'ailleurs, car mes chiens savaient toujours où on allait...Ils venaient peut-être d'un refuge ces p'tits loups!

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I believe I will be a great hunter, once my legs grow in fully.

Dachshund 8x10 Print of Original Painting with phrase

Mexican wrestling wiener dog

It should actually say "¡Temo la salchica!" I fear the weiner!nothing like a nacho libre weiner.

i said, NO bubbles allowed!

There should be a photo that shows this weiner's expression after that bubble pops! My dachshund loves bubble.

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19 Stores Where I Can Shop With My Dachshund

Hot Dog Humor: Hot dogs on the menu are a concern for most wiener dogs.