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I laughedd for two straight minutes. No lie.

What's that smell? Oh, Dumbledore gave me some perfume. It smells like a baby prostitute.

Sooo true yet I still buy them haha

Sooo true yet I still buy them haha

brian holden... #brianholden #starkid

Brolden on being called a troll: "I don't enjoy being called a troll. I think when the fans see me being funny or sarcastic, I shouldn't be punished for it.

Daren Criss who played Harry Potter in A very potter musical now is on glee, mashed with Lauren Lopez as Malfoy from AVPM

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"But seriously if I do find you with any boys or alcohol, I'm gonna rip your  purtty little boobs off." AVPS

But seriously girls, if I catch you with any boys or alcohol.I'm gonna rip your perky little boobs off.


The avpm staff looks so much more like the book said than the staff in the movies. I love avpm!