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Lewis Hine

Lewis Hine

Lewis Hine: "Richard Pierce, age a Western Union Telegraph Co. Nine months in service, works from 7 a. Smokes and visits houses of prostitution.

Malcolm X (5/19/1925 – 2/21/1965), born Malcolm Little and also known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Arabic: الحاجّ مالك الشباز‎), was a Muslim minister and human rights activist.

Malcolm X – born Malcolm Little and also known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Arabic: الحاجّ مالك الشباز‎), was a Muslim minister and human rights activist.

Martin Luther King Jr. Photographed by Steve Schapiro.

A cool customer! The stunning collection of never published pictures from legendary American photographer Steve Schapiro

Protest: Martin Luther King during his march from Selma, Alabam, to Montgomery in 1965 as part of the American civil rights movement - Steve Schapiro

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In New York City, Malcolm X, an African American nationalist and religious leader, is assassinated by rival Black Muslims while addressing his.

Dawud Walid

Apparently, HBO has hired terror-linked CAIR to consult on a documentary about all those ‘poor, persecuted’ Muslims in America