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krishnaart: “ SHRI KRISHNA Artist: B.Sharma “Lord Krishna, the supreme hero, has the most beautiful transcendental body. This body possesses all good features. It is radiant and very pleasing to.

अचयतसयषटकम : अचयत कशव रमनरयणम Achyutashtakam : Acyutam Keshavam Ramanarayanam By : Sri Adi Shankaracharya अचयत कशव रमनरयण कषणदमदर वसदव हरम शरधर मधव गपकवललभ जनकनयक रमचदर भज Acyutam Keshavam Raama-Naaraayannam Krssnna-Daamodaram Vaasudevam Harim | Shrii-Dharam Maadhavam Gopikaa-Vallabham Jaanakii-Naayakam Raamacamdram Bhaje || Meaning: 1.1: I Salute You O Acyuta (the Infallible One) I Salute You O Keshava (Who nominates and Controls everyone Who has beautiful Hair and Who killed the demon…

CC Madhya — “In the spiritual realm of Vṛndāvana, Kṛṣṇa is the spiritual, ever-fresh Cupid. He is worshiped by the chanting of the Kāma-gāyatrī mantra, with the spiritual seed klīm.

Paramchaintanya Men — Litografia de impresión Antiguo Vintage oleograph...

Paramchaintanya Men — Litografia de impresión Antiguo Vintage oleograph...

SHRI KRISHNA VISITS THE PANDAVAS Artist: N.Sharma Shri Krishna said: “A transcendentalist should always engage his body, mind and self in relationship with the Supreme; he should live alone in a secluded place and should always carefully control.

Take arms in hand against Bhishma in favour of Arjuna

✨ SHRI KRISHNA CHAKRADHARI ॐ ✨ “By His glance, the Supreme Personality of Godhead enables the modes of material nature to act as the causes of universal creation, maintenance and destruction. The Supreme Soul is unlimited and beginningless, and.

Humanity has learnt enormous lessons in life. Lets celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, whose moral thoughts have enlightened our lives.

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