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I don't think people understand how bad they hurt others by saying and/or doing dumb things. I don't think others understand that they hurt people just by ignoring them. shouldn't you be talking to me instead of ignoring¿.

there are no words for how much I love this photograph  #nature #landscape #photography

Amanda loves to dance when she thinks no one is looking. Dancing in the woods light girl outdoors sun woods dance

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"I love flowers." Rhys breathed out, shutting his eyes as he let the petals float lazily from his fingers. "They remind me of home."<<< idk what this is from or if it is from anything but I love this

.Awwwwesome photo!!! they're hard to come by, i have sooooo many pinned, but i do believe this is not a duplicate and very wonderful photo!!!!!!!!

sunflowers are my favourite kind of flowers. The color yellow reminds me of the sun, which makes me energetic. I grow a few stems of sunflowers in my garden.

Yellow flowers commonly evoke feelings of happiness and cheer, which is exactly what they symbolize.

All About Yellow Flowers For Your Garden & Put A Smile On Your Face!

Meet Manny: The Selfie Taking Cat

Meet Manny: The Selfie Taking Cat

Meet Manny: The Selfie Taking Cat lol i love this beauty would have done this

Sunflowers, Sunshine

Wood Welcome Sign with sunflower on reclaimed by HippieHoundUSA

This is part of my emotional self. I am very happy and enjoy welcoming people into my life. This sunflower represents how happy I can be and the bright personality that I have.