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Lily + Sirius

Lily + Sirius

Lol Harry Potter humor

The Marauders making puns out of their animagus's form

I agree with the first part but not with the second one <<< same, I almost feel like Sirius could be the mom friend

James Potter was definitely the mother hen of the Marauders

Google+ Oh yeah Aries is James!!!!

At Taurus is so inaccurate. A Taurus would NEVER be untrustworthy. I would have put Taurus at Moony. Btw, these names are from Harry Potter


Wolfstar # that's such a James thing to do

Wolfstar. that is all i have to say.<<< I don't ship them but I would laugh so hard if this happened...

Ughhh I ship wolfstar so haard


Sirius is a drama queen

Wow, a post about Sirius that doesn't make me want to cry

I somehow can't see the Black family to be a laughing family (except for maybe Sirius and Regulus) but it's a funny thought

Lily and Remus

The Marauders: Remus and Lily

McGonagall at James and Lily´s wedding part 2/2

McGonagall and the Marauders at James and Lily´s wedding part

Oh my god

At some point, definitely 😂😂 you cannot convince me this never happened

I don't ship it but this is funny

Sirius is gay fight me JK

the marauders

I'm not a fan of wolfstar but this is funny

James and Lily

James and Lily<< Personally I think of this conversation being the other way around, with the marauders making sure James doesn't hurt Lily, but maybe that's just me.

Can't stop laughing at this

farrrr to much firewhiskey

the marauders

Mar darling don't do anything rash when your upset. I know you get a little bit over the hill kinda crazy Re. M: you're the one who went cray over emotions.