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CHILDHOOD OBESITY -Infographic by Meroo Seth, via Behance

Rising childhood obesity in Urban india is of great concern as it would fuel diabetes and metabolic syndrome. of children are overwieght

Children obesity poster

Children obesity poster

Childhood Obesity Prevention by Alice Nguyen, via Behance

This anti ad on obesity suggest that French Fries or "fast food" in general is as bad as smoking cigarettes.

This info graphic tells us to teach kids to eat healthy and remove the habit of eating unhealthy foods.We as adults should set an example  for children by living a healthy lifestyle that includes fitness and nutrition.

How To Prevent Childhood Obesity What Parents Can Do Teach Kids To Eat Healthy And Why It’s Important Remove Unhealthy Foods and Temptations From The Home Set An Example By Living A Healthy Lifestyle That Includes Fitness and Nutrition

Obesity | ... your brain. Go to Obesity Prevention Information for more information

If you think America’s obesity situation is bad, a recent report indicates it’s worse than previously reported.

hiv aids poster. social cause.

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