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TLoZ: BoTW;  Zelda & Urbosa ❤

TLoZ: BoTW; Zelda & Urbosa ❤

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Legend of Zelda

Legend of zelda Link by on the great sea

Video Game Artwork on

i can’t believe i actually finished this thing. redesign of MM Link and Tatl basically. Bits of Wind Waker, bits of the pre-OoT Link and lots of rejected designs. i designed loads more and had a much.

The Legend of Zelda, Link / Triforce Obtained by Bradshavius on deviantART

Link with piece of the Tri-force (gif)

Linebeck, Link, and Tetra

Linebeck, Link ,Tetra by AngelofHapiness

The Legend of Zelda 10: Phantom Hourglass (Spanish Edition) @

The manga adaptation of the legendary video game series, now available in English for the first time! Become part of the Legend The Legend of Zelda! Reads R to L (Japanese Style). The manga adaptation

Phantom Ganon by ~augustoflores on deviantART

I added my own anatomical skills to the cartoonish graphic of wind waker.

©2013Theresa Phantom Hourglass

©2013Theresa Phantom Hourglass

Mipha's Grace Art Print Legend of Zelda Breath of the

Mipha’s grace is ready!Ready for 2017 cons including anime boston, fanime, ax and otakon, and if i ever sell online it’ll be at my etsy here~ Tbh whenever i see i have mipha’s grace i just use it as a.

Very funny :)

Did you hear about the new Fire Emblem game for the Switch? Sure looks great doesn't it. XD (Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild)

Smashly Default #SuperSmashBros #BravelyDefault

Smashly Default

Bravely Default x Smash Bros. ⊟ That Dark Knight Samus is ridic. Arthur will be bringing this – basically a bunch of Nintendo characters with Bravely Default jobs (plus Kirby as a Moogle) – as a print for sale at Anime Expo next week.



Mipha Art

Frozen Hope by Pechan on DeviantArt

©2013Theresa Phantom Hourglass

©2013Theresa Phantom Hourglass