klappersacks: “ bettmann - moon bridal hat - boston - 1956 by Foxtongue on…

Items similar to Martian Sci-Fi Cigarette Case Alien Pin Up Girl B-Movie Kitsch Retro Space Babe ID Business Card Credit Card Holder Wallet on Etsy

The new space chick outfits will feature push-button dialing

Miss Dyna Sputnick (aka Anne Marie Dupont). Sputnik inspired Space age girl costume by French dancer, 1958 :)

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joelcarroll: “ bettyfelon: “ Does anybody know the source of this image? ” Why, that’s Space Sheriff Gavan and Mimi! They just recently relaunched Gavan and the other Tokusatsu Space Sheriff with a.

wacky Japanese!

i wish ♥_♥ Space Babe. From Novocaine Lipstick. I am looking for and scifi covers featuring women. This is close but they don't usually wear this much.

Radio Interlude

Radio advantages- The advantages of radio advertisement: has wide audiences;

.cool astro hat

- Retro Futurism - Vintage Sci Fi - Robot - on Space Ship with ray gun

Plastic spheres by A.I.T. Photos from L'Officiel No. 573-574, 1969.

Space Age inspired fashion with a link to the space helmet that the astronauts wear and the idea of a futuristic theme.

Spaceymetro minnimen

Guiron aka Attack of the Monsters. Retro futurism back to the future tomorrow tomorrowland space planet age sci-fi pulp flying train airship steampunk dieselpunk alien aliens martian martians BEMs BEM's

Image du Blog

Image du Blog

Virginie Ropars - Doll Artist

Virginie Ropars calls her dolls fairies… but they seems aliens to me. Beautiful nevertheless.