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BORUSARA: Perfect Timing by emorocklara on DeviantArt

BORUSARA: Perfect Timing by emorocklara on DeviantArt Boruto: next generation

So Sarada wanted to become hokage and this idea came up in my mind!!! Haha. I’ll call them “S.A.N.B.U”, short for Sarada’s ANBU Basically, this is Sarada’s...

It took me long to finish this because I was busy watching Frankfurt Majors last week lol. Anyway, this is my first time drawing Himawari and I had fun! For me, she’s the top hardcore Bor.

I love this movie this scene makes me feel amazing

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Road to ninja is one of the best naruto movies. Althought agressive hinata was pretty amusing i still prefer her as the sky girl she is :D


Another old strip. Hinata having a bad nightmare about his love! It’s just a dream…JUST A DREAM!

The possible life of Minato, Kushina and Naruto :( ♥♥♥ #family

If Naruto grew up with his parents. I know it shaped Naruto into who he was but I still wish they could have been there for him.

BUT WE DID IT Uzumaki Naruto || Naruto || Naruto Shippuden

Right in the feels. If young Naruto could only see what his future looked like, he wouldn't have to be so lonely and angry at the world.

DONT Call me lame, a geek, whatever...i got sucked into this show and i like it lol CALL ME OTAKU !!!!!

Call me lame, call me a geek, call me whatever. I got sucked into this show and I like it!) Naruto & Jiraiya, Master and student, one of my favorites scenes!

Day 12: Favorite Akatsuki member........ Itachi! Itachi is amazing! Everyone thinks he's a villain but he is a hero! Who is your favorite Akatsuki member?

Itachi Uchiha (うちはイタチ, Uchiha Itachi) was an ANBU Captain and a prodigy from…

Uzumaki Naruto  || Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto || Naruto

We know since the first time we saw you, you are destiny to be amazing, to be someone who can change the world. You are Uzumaki Naruto and this is enough to change everything. Because you are special.

However, whoever did the fanart for the last picture did not use the correct character. They put the kanji for 6 instead of 7 so his cloak does not say the seventh hokage.