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Why did I draw Foxy in this pose.

Que lindo

Toy bonnie: mangle get off of my head Mangle:no!


Me and Carmen playing fnaf

Animatronics in real, made by me!<<< not me, the previous pinner

Animatronics in real, made by me!<<< not me, the previous pinner<<< previous previous pinner.

Five nights at Freddy's 2 (looks cool to who ever made this!)

MY MUSIC :D - Welcome to your nightmare

Jeremy-fitzgerald :: ¡ OH MY Doll : El juego de las muñecas (doll, dolls, dollz)…

Some of the FNaF animatronics

The three bears remind me of Hewey Dewy and Louy.

How to draw Foxy by Orlando Fox

Yep draw me

Like a lil puppy waiting for it's mummy to get home... then, BOOM! Its tryna pounce on you but misses.... aww xx

Yipp Yipp Yipp

I wish I could have a pet Foxy XD

Toy Bonnie and Nightguard

Toy bonnie thinks hes such a sight. Witheted bonnie is a sight

ok so let's start by all working at freddy fazbears pizza any one can be a animatronics if you went to

Found on

Five nights at Freddy's 2 I like toy Bonnie and old Bonnie how they look like

"Mangle I'ma build you up and make you pretty!" -Foxy

doing a little mechanic work

Foxy Chibi by Bleuxwolf

More foxy artwork to the collection. Foxy from FNaF by Scott Cawthon Artwork by Foxy Chibi

marionette funny fnaf - Google Search  @VideoGames4Life  Me: "There ya go. All fixed!" Smiled sheepishly.

"You were always my favorite Foxy." That be me Five Nights at Freddy's foxy is awsome

Resultado de imagen para fnaf mangle y foxy anime

Five Nights at Freddys 2 Foxy and Mangle

I think what happened here was that Foxy tried to flip the pancake with his hook and it got stuck. After shaking it free the pancake land on poor wittle Foxy's head.

Foxy you flipped it wrong. (dont worry sweetie, I will eat that for ya ;3)