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Orca in New Zealand ..Surfing!

New Zealand orcas join surfers in search for the perfect wave

Another reason I want my next big trip to be New Zealand: Orcas surfing, Auckland

Killer Whale

6 Ways You Can Help Save Captive Killer Whales Right Now If you’ve ever wondered what one person can do for caged orcas, this is for you.

Over 50 orcas are living in captivity. Same for dolphins, especially in Taiji.

10 Signs Whales and Dolphins Do NOT Belong in Tanks

Collapsed Dorsal Fins Add into the fact that only really sick orcas in the wild have a collapsed dorsal fin, a rare occurrence too, while nearly every male orca and some females in marine parks have a collapsed fin.


Orca in the wild . Stop going to Sea World and supporting Orca entrapment for entertainment.

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National Geographic - Orcas

with by for and with I have dreamt of swimming with killer whales in the since I was a kid. That dream was exceeded by a mind-bending, heart touching rea

Killer Whales (Orcas)

Here's the link to the new ORCA website, with some details about the card: When can I get my ORCA Card? ORCA cards will be available starting in the spring of The regional agencies will

Toward The Light — Orca Style #Norway  credit: audunrikardsen.com

Toward The Light — Orca Style #Norway credit: audunrikardsen.com