What if Ino took Sakura's Path and became Sasuke's wife, meanwhile Naruto getting closer to Sakura ❤️❤️❤️

NaruSaku and SasuIno story I don't care about the real canon couples, i will always love and support my OTPs! NaruSaku and SasuIno story

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN,   5 Kages all generation

The final and updated version of the kage chart including the present Kages! Hokage Mizukage Kazekage Raikage and Tsuchikage! All The Kages

Pretty sure this was my sister when she finished the manga. I'm not done though because my thing keeps bugging out.

I don't know what i'm going to read weekly. I really miss naruto :'(

Even though he irritates me sometimes lol. He's amazing!!!!

Sasuke Uchiha Hot Since 2002 XD I'm not a Sasuke fangirl, but this is funny!