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Because not enough of the Maknaes were good enough rappers and Hobi's the youngest (besides Namjoon but he's the leader so he doesn't count)........ ungrateful hoes need to just appreciate the music he puts out :/

The look out of the window and the sip of his cub of something made me laugh so hard

[170225] BTS @Sinchon Fansign Jung Kook | 전정국

[170225] BTS @Sinchon Fansign Jung Kook | 전정국

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I hate it when people answer the question the teacher asks you when you know the answer

Rapmon's face tho lol | allkpop Meme Center. Rapmon be like "u jamless Bish its MY birthday and ur asking ME to give u something?"

Rapmon's face tho lol

Rapmon's face reminds me of myself when I just realised I have homework to do


Smart but No sense of direction

Rapmon your smart it's okay and guys army if you didnt know fact: rapmons iq is Also poor Suga! He probably wants a chair to rest on! <<< I am Rapmon when it comes to directions XD

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Joon was even ahead of him with a hood on and he heard it. I love family bangtan

Yes V we all do

I think this is true. It's weird to think about that the only difference between idols and 'normal people' is the fact that more people know the idol's name. ⬅ que a verdade seja dita