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whos line is it anyway This show needs to come back on

Things you can say to your dog, but not your girlfriend. One of my all-time favorite shows.

Only logical thing to do.

Meanwhile in the Athena cabin. Either, another day in the athena cabin.idk, help me

seriously!!!! refs getting lazy with those whistles!!! gahhh

GameDay Boston Funny Photo of the Day: In honor of the NBA Playoffs and Lebron James' first championship.

LOL!!! So true!!! Come on dude!!! Your at a NBA basketball game!!!

Justin Bieber's History With Violence

"Don't bring a girl to the NBA playoffs. She'll get bored." Case in point: Justin and Selena :)).>case n point Justin's the girl!

still has it!

Funny pictures about Remember this kid? Oh, and cool pics about Remember this kid? Also, Remember this kid?

Why does that happen?!

funny-memes-funny-photos-funny-quotes-and-sayings-funny-cartoons-funny . When someone try's to trick you to make you lose

Dang it!

Funny pictures about Thank god for those warnings. Oh, and cool pics about Thank god for those warnings. Also, Thank god for those warnings.

Dawgs do jazz hands. All the time.

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