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Caleb Charland |

Caleb Charland

Photographer Caleb Charland Wires Apple Trees, Fruit Baskets and Stacked Coins to Create Alternative Batteries long exposure light electricity batteries

Tommy Heinrich (Shadow of Everest) / For Our Sherpa Friends

Tommy Heinrich (Shadow of Everest) / For Our Sherpa Friends Please help our Sherpa friends. All proceeds go to the charity.

OPIOM GALLERY, Opio, Guido Argentini, David Begbie, Laurence Bonnel, Quentin Carnaille, Manolo Chrétien, David Drebin, Tim Flach, Dina Goldstein, Kim Joon, Casper Kang, ByungJoo Kim, Peter Klasen, Marc Lagrange, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Jeong Lok Lee, JeeYoung Lee, SungKuen Lee, Zhu Ming, Jimmy Nelson, Jeffrey Robb, Markus Schaller, Manit Sriwanichpoom, Olivier Valsecchi, Nick Veasey, Etienne Viard, Christian Voigt, Dean West, Stephan Zirwes

Available for sale from Albemarle Gallery, Lee Jeonglok, Tree of Life in Island C Type Print, 120 × 95 cm

Lee Jeonglok, 'Nabi 19', 2015

Available for sale from Pontone Gallery, Lee Jeonglok, Nabi 19 C-Type Print, 120 × 160 cm

Light Paintings by Lee Jeong Lok

Light Paintings by Lee Jeong Lok

Rainbow Gathering, Grand Canary Island, Spain

Photos: Inside Rainbow Gatherings' Intentional Communities

Le Nam Tran; Oil, 2012, Painting "Motion & Stillness 7"

Art No Longer Available

A work by Vietnamese artist Le Nam Tran: 'Motion and Stillness (via Saatchi online).

Bill Viola, Fall into Paradise (2005), via

Bill Viola, "Fall Into Paradise", Color High-Definition video projection: five channels of sound with subwoofer.

tumblr_nvx3za5LM41qz6f9yo2_500.jpg (500×375)

tumblr_nvx3za5LM41qz6f9yo2_500.jpg (500×375)


James Turrell lights up the guggenheim

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