Women of Fauberg Treme, New Orleans and their dog. Faubourg Tremé is the oldest black neighborhood in America, and the origin of the southern civil rights movement and the birthplace of

Women of Fauberg Treme, New Orleans. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Early history it was the main neighborhood of free people of color.It remains today an important African-American & Creole culture.

Mme. Abomah (born 1862?), known as the Amazon Giantess and the African Giantess, traveled the world as the tallest woman -- probably about 6'10". Her name was probably Grigsby; she came from Laurence County, South Carolina.  One caption says "Nanny by Day" but something is odd here.

"Nanny during the day, giantess in the 'Music Hall', London, at night." Mme Abomah, The African Giantess in 1914

Marpessa Dawn 1930s

Beauty that took your breath away. Star of iconic Brazilian film "Black Orpheus"

The first people in China were Black An international study has found that the Chinese people originated not from Peking Man in northern China, but from early humans in East Africa who moved through South Asia to China some thousands of years ago.

a group of these African Chinese; later known to us as the Jomon, took this route and entered Japan, they became the first Humans to inhabit the Japanese Islands. Later, another.

Black in White America, New Orleans, 1965

Fun in the white female quarters of the racially-segregated New Orleans City Prison. By Leonard Freed,

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+  People living in miserable poverty. Elm Grove, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. August 1936 by Dorothea Lange for the Farm Security Administration.

Dorothea Lange - People living in miserable poverty, Elm Grove, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, August 1936 [via Shorpy]

1800 Black Cherokee Princess

I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair. I want long hair.

Susan B. Anthony pummeled and arrested for attempting to vote. 1872.

Susan B Anthony pummeled and arrested for attempting to vote in She was fined 100 dollars for registering to vote. CORRECTION: Ada Wright, a British suffragette who was beaten by police on “Black Friday” in NOT Susan B.

The Real History of Black Native Americans More

The Real History of Black Native Americans

My grandmother's grandfather was full-blood Cherokee. African American x Cherokee ~Many freed and escaped slaves went west where there was true freedom and were adopted by tribes taking Native American wives.

Miss America 1924

Miss America 1924

Historic Black and White Photos in Stunning Color - Miss America, 1924 (Image 13 of The styles sure were different back in the roaring twenties. Ruth Malcomson, who ran as Miss Philadelphia in won the Miss America crown over 82 other competitors.

A mother hides her face in shame, c.1948, Chicago.  Forced with eviction and penniless, the parents have literally put their children up for sale. This was not a joke…What’s interesting is that the accompanying article did not pass judgement and there are no calls for whisking the children away to protective services. I'm wondering what ended up happening to these children?

This is political because it shows how desperate the government left people. A penniless mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale, Chicago, 1948

It's About Time: A Few Portraits of Extreme Poverty - 1930s Children of The Great Depression

Young oyster shuckers, Port Royal, S. - Child workers before Child Labor Laws. Thank God for child labor laws!

Oseola McCarty a cleaning lady who from working all her life accumulated great savings, donated to the  University of Southern Mississippi $150,000 for a student scholarship program.

“I want to help somebody’s child go to college,” she said. “I’m giving it away so that the children won’t have to work so hard, like I did.

Actress Pearl Mae Bailey with her husband, Louis Bellson, an Italian American jazz composer, arranger, bandleader and drummer. Circa 1950s

Pearl Bailey & husband jazz drummer Louis Bellson were married 38 years. Reportedly fell in love while sharing a cab. I Love Pearl Bailey!