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paiement à la livraison? :Tidebuy.com

paiement à la livraison? :Tidebuy.com


There's alot of these mindtricks, but I've never seen this one before

It's a challenge!!

Oh my before I looked at the very bottom I kept going back up and was like you put toast in the toaster! And then I looked at the bottom and couldn't stop laughing <<< lol I thought toast at first, but then realized bread

Im an idiot. I thought it was the missing zero in the beginning but the i read the comments and face palmed

I looked at the numbers about five time till I noticed that was the wrong thing to be looking at 😅

Get a cruise for half price or even for free!❤❤❤ Real deal! CLICK for more details. Me! Finding Nemo is one of my all time faves

Disney Magic - The Ultimate West Coast Cruise

Don't ever insult Disney movies!

I think we've all done this a few times

"Sorry my mom said no"

I'll make sure to try this trick anytime I don't want to attend a social event

Easy Back to School Hairstyles to Let You Sleep In Later - Livingly

Easy Back to School Hairstyles to Let You Sleep In Later

Easy Back to School Hairstyles to Let You Sleep In Later - Livingly

mine too! hahaha

epic fail - Autocorrects - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED <<<still laughing

Pinterest: @brecreelman tips for wedding invitation response cards

10 Must Read Wedding Tips Before Your Wedding Day

tips for wedding invitation response cards Make a sweeping entrance in Adrianna Papell's gorgeous gown

Lmao. He shouldn't have been such an butthole.

Husband Starts Arguing With His Wife But Her Response Is Hilarious funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor stories marriage humor funny jokes this is wrong my book personally but also a good come back

These are the 17 funny text of the day that included funny text messages, funny auto-correct, and funny texts to the wrong number.

Funny Google Tricks - Damn! LOL

Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 61 Pics I tried these but found that only two of them worked on my Mac computer. The Zerg rush (which is quite fun actually) and the Atari breakout

Short Funny Cop Jokes | Conversation with police

Me talking to a cop

Españyolo. ohmygod dying

My Spanish II teacher told me this and now I'm telling new generations of kids. In Spanish it's actually spelled "Eso si que es" But you know, it works :)

holy shit>>>I'm never looking at that the same way again. Thanks fuckin Internet

I think it's funny cause it took me legit a minute to realize