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Some people say i'm obsessed...But I'm in love. No one will ever ever understandd my love for these 5 boys. So tell me to shuttup when i'm singing there songs or talking about them...but to be honest I do not care because I am in love with 5 boys named Liam Payne Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles Zayn Malik and Niall Horan(:

I don't know how people have a Favourite! I mean how can you pick you one of those BEAUTIFUL faces to favor?

Mm I wish my Besties did this. Love you perras

this is the story of my life hahaha>> I found wat u said extremely funny. Cuz one of songs is story of my life and in that pic.

Niall Horan

1DAlert on

my brain just exploded <<< Accurate description of Directioners this week.

Suited and booted: The boys looked dapper in their suits as they tried to impress the royal guests (birthday treats for husband)

Happy birthday, Dj Malik! ❤❤❤❤✌

I told myself no to pinning happy birthday stuff but this one is really good

One Direction - All of the Tour Diaries home alone on a Friday night? VIDEO DIARY TIME!!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!!!

One Direction - Video Diary Zayn: Vas happening? The video diaries are back! Harry: Let's do this poo(; This is real, this does really hurt. -Lou I love video diaries

Why is there so much of Zarry on my feed

When these edits are in black and white it makes me love the picture approximately


Look at Zayn's feet! The second picture looks like they were told to do sassy Louis impersonations!