Chris Piiiiiiiiiiiiine

He's articulate. He's talented. He's handsome. He's gallant. His eyes are so blue they are neon blue. He's Captain Kirk. I mean, he's literally the captain of the Enterprise. He's team leader.

I have a mini nerd heart attack whenever I see him in glasses.

stop it chris pine. You are literally so attractive just drinking coffee.


Chris Pine -- the eyes. All the more reason to watch Star Trek.

Chris Pine

Chris Pine :) Star Trek, The Gaurdian, Princess Diaries Unstoppable, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

chris pine if he went to Star Wars and not Trek

Chris Pine Gives Good Face Chris Pine poses for a Vanity Fair photoshoot 4 – Socialite Life

Hey I'm Google. I'm 19. I'm single, and don't tell anyone, especially Twitter or Facebook, that I have a major crush on Yahoo. She's so cute! Anyways, I know basically everything so if you need help with school or homework or anything I'm here! I like finishing people's sentences even when they don't make sense. Introduce?

What is your type?

Dylan O'Brien in The Internship. Can his eyesight please diminish considerably so he is forced to wear fucking sexy nerd glasses for the rest of his life. That'd be perf thanks.