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I love these babies

*☆°~Angels will fly to the moon~°☆*

Ai meu coração hehehehehe

V and Jimin on V’a Birthday wearing blue contacts Vmin

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if you don't look like Park Jimin then don't breathe in my air

MinJoon ♡ Jimin × NamJoon || BTS

MinJoon ♡ Jimin × NamJoon || BTS

A distância era o problema. Mas agora os pais que são o problema. →← … #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Chat → Kim Namjoon

Just a book of little drabbles and what not of my 7 favorite men.

Vmin ♡ Jimin | Taehyung | BTS |

Jimin and V at Seo Tae Ji Anniversary Concert

Your number one Asian Entertainment community forum!

Jimin Hugs | ARMY's Amino

^^ a son holding onto his father.

Jimin o+ matador de mim

Namjoon BTS ❤️☯️❤️

BTS Single Japanese Album Prev (Shibuya Pop-Up store in Osaka)

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Some fan who looks like Dooly (Jimin lol) wore the same sweater as me so I thought it was cute of him and decided to take a photo with him - Rap Mon // Namjoon has PINK HAIR~~~~

Read Game It's Open. from the story ❝ Call Me Daddy ❞

Jimin and Rapmon

BTS pics ♡ on

namjoon and jimin

Na vida eu sou o microfone

ALL FOR BTS monster Jimin we've been over this you can marry kookie ir V your choice but leave joonie he's for jin!